Hi there! I'm Abhineet Kumar, a first year MBA student at Georgetown University seeking a summer internship at the intersection of business and finance. 

Previously, I was a partner at Reasate Pharmaceuticals, a pharma marketing and distribution company I set up for my family office partnering with a pharma industry veteran having a product portfolio of antibiotics, multi-vitamins, calcium and protein supplements. 

Before working out of the land of Buddha, I built Rocketfood, a full stack on-demand food delivery venture with a 25-member team delivering 6000+ meals per month and $200k in annual revenues. Our USP was healthy Indian food delivered under 30 minutes in innovative pizza box packaging.

MY Working Philosophy

I am all for great ideas. But ideas are dime a dozen. It’s the execution that matters!

I specialise in taking ideas to real customers, by creating a functioning enterprise built on a robust operational framework, a sustainable growth strategy, a passionate team, and a mix of product and customer centricity. 

I do not shy away from takings risks in pursuit of the larger objective, combining new age innovation with the old fashioned business fundamentals. I truly believe in working towards creating sustainable value - in my current and past roles I have attempted to do so by implementing strategies which have resulted in increased brand equity, higher revenues, and engaged teams.

Do you feel we could work together and do wonders? Say hello on abhineet@metriculator.com and I’ll get back asap.